Life size Homer Simpson


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Hello, I am looking for information on or where to look for details about my Homer. I have a 4ft tall Homer that turns his arms and head while saying one of his 20 one liners. It looks like it has a motion sensor on it to start the routine. I'm guessing it was part of a theater display but I can't find anything online anywhere about it. It does say 2003 20th Century Fox film corporations on it but that's it. Any idea what this would be worth or how I can find out who made it?

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Does it look like this?, if so, it was made by Gemmy and was a retail item, it wasn't used for theatre displays, they're are kinda rare because they were prone to breaking easily, they are on the internet from time to time, and sell for around a couple hundred dollars.
You can try listing it in the junkyard and see if you get any bites, even though it's not prop related.

Animated Singing Dancing Homer Simpson 50" Tall Figure by Gemmy (Motion Activated Karaoke)


Animated Singing & Dancing Homer Simpson
- Homer sings and dances and says many of his trademark phrases.
- Can be set for "motion activation" or can be manually activated
- Includes a microphone that plugs into the base. You can talk and sing into the microphone and Homer moves to the sounds.
- Operates with a 120v AC adapter which is included..
- Stands about 50" tall
- Made of heavy duty plastic

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:lol A quick google search and I found the item and info on it. :lol

I am lead to believe that you did not look this up online and hoped people here would do it for you, lol.

Just do a quick Google search on "Life Size Homer Simpson" and look at the images and click on the ones that match yours. You should find an abundance of info online.

Also as for prices, look in eBay, and type the same thing in the search. Then click on ended auctions to get a TRUE sense of the worth. Do not base that on current live auctions as people ask outrageous prices and they never sell. Always look at what they sold for to get an accurate value. This for example... one ended on ebay with a buy it now of $650 and opening bid of $499.99... and there was no bidding and it did not sell. So I estimate this to be under $400 on a good day, but maybe even less as someone will likely not want to pay much when they have to ship it.


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What's your problem man? Why would I spend more time trying to register for this site to post my question and hope someone else could find the answer. I did look for it, I did type it in. I did not look through the images but to say I'm trying to get other people to do the work for me is bogus. I took the homer in to try to have it repaired and they said they couldn't find the info on line either.

The first reply answered all of my questions and I was very appreciative of it. Your comment wasn't nessisary nor I'm guessing the wasting of your time.

If you want to help, help.
If you want to criticize for no reason go somewhere else.


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No problem here... just see it everyday here. Stick around here long enough... that is all I will say. After a while, you will start to see new members sign up daily and immediately ask for people to research for them, send them info or share exactly how to do everything that might have taken months or years to research. Members here frown on that type of first impression. That was not your intention, so I apologize. Carry on and good luck getting this fixed. :thumbsup
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