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Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by autobotjohn, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. autobotjohn

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    hey guys so I was just wondering but is there anyway to put like a fake skin over a 1/1 terminator bust to make it more realistic?
  2. Alaneye

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    My first thought is no
  3. Mr Mold Maker

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    Depends on what you mean I guess.

    If you want torn up nasty burnt flesh, do a latex build up over the endoskull.

    If you want Ahnold with his flesh half ripped off, exposing the endoskull... You'd have to make a copy of the skull to make a core, sculpt on top of that with clay, mold it, run silicone, paint, and transfer that to the finished endoskull... And I am way over simplifying that process.. it's definitely not as easy as just wrapping it in some magic flesh material though sadly!
  4. blue2k

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    I recently watched a small featurette on the BBC about an artist who makes prosthesis. She has a fine eye for detail and colouration. Take a look at her realistic skin setup. starts at about 2:58 but it is well worth a full viewing.
  5. The Terminator

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    Silicone, wax and/or latex. Silicone being the most life like, wax being close second but wax lasts a lot longer than silicone and latex lasts shorter than silicone...
  6. Looch

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    Yep, silicone. Smooth-on carries it, plus a retarding agent that makes it even more flesh-like.

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