Life Aquatic STEVE ZISSOU Red Cap


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I've posted about this before -- there are many Owen Wilson (Ned Plimpton) style red knit caps being sold on ebay and elsewhere, the one's with red/yellow/green stoplight patch. But ever since movie came out, I've been looking for the plain red cap that Bill Murray (Steve Zissou), which had distinct ribbing pattern in cap...and came close a few times, but never really found the exact cap.

And, unfortunately, I still haven't found 100% exact match, but these are REALLY close.

Here be the links for any diehard Zissou fan -- I already own one of the 3 and have the other 2 on order...I will provide a brief review once I have all in hand.

Solid Plain Watch Cap Beanie - Red of Cuff Long Beanies (Plain Color) at

G.I. Watch Cap with Cuff - Red of Cuff Long Beanies (Plain Color) at

Heavy Weight Watch Cap Beanie - Red of Cuff Long Beanies (Plain Color) at
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