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Hi all. Ive been poking around on these forums for a few weeks now, and as much as Ive looked I cant find if this has been talked about at all. I know you guys mainly make your own stuff, or buy from certain dealers like Logans Closet, etc. But I was wondering if anyone has bought or seen one of the "officially licensed wolverine jackets" in person? I know that the picture shown on all the websites that sell it is inaccurate and shows a prototype for the actual product sold. From what ive read on various review comments is that the actual product recieved is more screen accurate than the picture shown on the sites. Has anyone had any experience with these? Are they total crap or worth the buy? Anyone got pictures of one, or know anyone who has one. The thing is, as much as I would like to get a nice one from Logans Closet (despite some of the long wait horror stories), its pretty much way out of my price range, though I could probably swing around $300 which is why the officially licensed one caught my eye.

Any help would be appreciated,
Thanks all.


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From what I have heard is the MR licensed jacket for the price is horribly innaccurate, I do hear its made out of quality materials BUT the arm stripes are wrong. I have only seen the prototype in person at SDCC. The jacket is well constructed BUT for $50 more you could get a custom made jacket that is way more accurate and is going to last you alot longer!


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Heron Leather makes a pretty sweet jacket, Wested makes a ok jacket....but if you want the best Logans Closet is the way to go! Dan's Jackets are astounding, I will eventually order one just gotta save pennies!


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The logans closet ones, while really nice, are waaay out of my price range, plus waiting up to a year for it isnt exactly ideal. But I will look into the others, thank you.


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Hi Nagano,

I just now came across this thread. Have you heard from anybody yet? I might be able to point you in the right direction.
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