Licensed Dune Atreides Signet Ring


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Dark Horse Direct is releasing a replica of the Atreides ducal ring. The edition size is limited to 500. It is sculpted and manufactured by Gentle Giant. It's supposedly 1:1 scale yet there's no mention of the exact ring size.

For the price of $150 I would prefer it to be more a premium material like gold-plated silver instead of zinc alloy.



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I agree. For that price I'd rather just 3D print one, mold it, then cast it in metal. I mean if I had a printer, which I don't have yet. :lol:
There are two makers here with much cheaper metal ones that are good.

I was hoping this licensed one would be super accurate, but I just noticed the gemstone isn't right. They used a round gem instead of a square one.


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Their pics look so similar to mine. I cant wait to compare them both when I'm at a computer. I wonder....

Also originally the Kickstarter said they'd be cast from original and this one says it's sculpted by the Gentle Giant team.


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Who are these two makers? I'd be interested in seeing their work.


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