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My friend Behrle is working on studio scale versions of the leviathans from Catalyst Games' Monsters in the Sky (Monsters in the Sky). Lightbenders is working up a lighting / smoke kit for the beast. Here's the concept are for the large leviathan:


And here it is in progress:


He also did a smaller ship. The stand for this ship is an old Russian missle crate:
Wow that looks amazing and I love the concept. The distressing is subtle. I like. :thumbsup

Can't wait to see the lights and smoke.
Correct, as they're original, rather than replica studio models. Ver nice, though, really nice, right up my alley. Thanks! Any more coming?
I don't think he's doing the miniatures for them, I think they're going with 3D printing. These will be up at Gencon in August.
So these are promo pieces for the line, then?

Is that a rabbit with a pancake on its head, btw? We need an animated cat pushing a watermelon out of a lake now, too.
Very cool. I was at a Linkin Park concert and on the back screen there was a really cool battle with ships that looked almost exactly like this. I've been looking for it ever since and I think this is the closest I've come to finding it. Thanks for posting what's going to end up as a really cool build!
Can't believe I missed this thread! I'm a huge fan of Catalyst and have been looking forward to the Leviathans box set coming out. Excellent work. I've already seen shots of the display from Gencon.


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