Let's talk MR .45 scale sabers

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So my collection is coming together nicely. I am nearly finished with the OT sabers and am venturing into uncharted waters people, the PT sabers. As of now I have a full size fan made maul and a nice, clean EP4 Obi-Wan I pass as a EP3.

Here is my dilemma: Do I break down and get a graflex type saber to match the Obi-Wan saber I am passing as the real McCoy or do I save a bundle and get the MR mini scale lightsabers. I would be getting only the Anakin and Obi-Wan EP3 sabers. And then do I get rid of the Clean EP4/3 saber I have. I just can't decide, so I need some info on these little bad boys.

It seems to me that they would be pretty small and may look quite ridicules next to the full size sabers. On the other hand they are screen accurate and will match each other, unlike the the Obi-saber I have now and the Anakin saber I will most likely get to pair up with it. But (and I like that I may not be alone on this) does it bother anyone to get yet ANOTHER graflex style saber? I have a large amount of money invested into these sabers alone, so the mini scale sabers might be a welcome alternative.

I look forward to your input.

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The MR mini sabers look pretty darn terrific. I did not get into collecting them myself as I just like the real full size sabers. But it was a great start for collecting with my son. He has all the good guy sabers made so far and its quite a collection. It was easy to finance for the most part as it was such a little nip in the spending budget, yet the collection has grown into quite a nice and large display. And the minis do appreciate in value as well, his collection is gained some solid value over time, perhaps even better overall value in percentage to the full size replicas.
The MR minis look so great that it does present a super display of all the different sabers from all the movies. And I have to admit, his collection is better than mine on the diversity of sabers in the collection. They look good enough and even have a good heft weight to them that they are impressive in their own smaller way. :) With the cases, they compliment a large saber display well.
So, it depends on what you are really looking for. If you are looking for a good way to get a great broad SW display on a budget, the MR minis are fantastic.
The large sabers are like holding the actual film piece in hand. Its just hard to beat in that manner or mentality. Otherwise, the minis do a great job of displaying the different sabers of the trilogy in a high quality sharp collectors display.


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well first off don't get rid of your sabers after investing money into them.You could get the whole line of MR minis but,Me I had already collected the full size lightsabers before the Minis came out.I had all the full size sabers but then I Narrowed it down to only the main fight scene lightsaber battles.from the OT to the PT you could do that with the Minis also.

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Is there a list of all the MR .45 sabers out there? I am jsut getting into these and I want to get a TPM Obi-wan but I have not found one yet, so Far I have the CS maul, ROTS Anakin and AOTC Anakin (my favorite).

Lord Abaddon

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When I had to sell off my full size replicas, and realized with a new family that I wouldn't be able to afford (or have room) for all of them again I bought some of the minis.

But...they are like crack (as someone here once said).

They are incredible in their details and amazing to hold. I currently have all of them thanks to some members who were selling them off as well as direct via the MR membership.

I'm not collecting any of the gold, black chrome, etc. Just what was in the movies. They make a wonderful collection and great alternative if you don't have the space or the money.


For those of us who live in countries far far away (South Africa) and whose currency isn't that strong the mini's are perfect.

For what I think is a full list of the .45's try the Master Replicas Collector's Registry
Thats the list i'm using.


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Wow, some great replies. I have decided to get the Obi-Wan and Anakin EP3 mini sabers for now, and I may even be getting the rest of the collection. I will keep the full size ones I have and eventually get all the full size sabers that I want, but these can 'hold the spot' until all are acquired. Thanks all.
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