Let's see your favorite TRAILERS.

Jet Beetle

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Gone but not forgotten.
Sometimes, especially nowadays, the best thing about a movie is the trailer. Editing together a good one is an art form in itself. You'd better hope you got someone good working on yours because that first introduction can make or break your opening weekend.

I was looking back at a teaser I always liked - very rare. It really pumps the blood and it doesn't even use one shot from the movie -

Rocky IV (1985) Alternate Teaser Trailer - YouTube


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some of my favorites are still

Pearl Harbor

sometimes the trailers are so much better than the movie


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Here are a couple that have caught my attention recently.
G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Underworld: Awakening

Strangely, video game trailers seem to stick out in my mind more. The Gears of War and Fall of Cybertron trailers I adore because of the juxtaposition of the melancholy/sweet-sounding music over these scenes of violence and horror. To me, that has a powerful and profound impact.

The Modern Warfare one I included because of the sheer fun of it.
Gears of War
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


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I've always felt one of the best trailers - in terms of quality of the trailer itself and how it relates to and reflects the film - was that of Titanic.

Both film and trailer were high quality.

And what I thought was truly effective was how the trailer - just like the film - was a building crescendo of action and intensity.


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There are a couple trailer legends in my book:

Top all-around: Jurassic Park
Everything about that movie rocked - and the trailer was just incredible. The best thing was how they kept the actual showing of the dinosaurs to a minimum so that the first time you see that Brachiasaurus... you feel just like Sam Neil...

Biggest Disappointment (because the teaser was so awesome): TIE - Star Trek Insurrection and Star Wars Episode 1
Episode 1 was pretty terrible and Insurrection, while I didn't think it was as bad as everyone else said, got dragged down by the teaser. The teaser made it sound like there was going to be a Federation Civil War... and we got Picard disobeying unjust orders of a morally conflicted Admiral. It's almost as if someone pitched the idea, it got approved, then they decided to back way off.


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I've always loved the first Back to the Future teaser. I was only 3 in '85, so the first time I saw it was in the 90's on a late night movie trailer show on the Sci-Fi channel. (You know... before the "SyFy" dark ages.) I had a tape in the VCR and lunged across the room to slam the record button just in time after the host mentioned BTTF was coming up.

The cool detail shots of the time machine gear and weird synth music just scream 80s sci-fi to me. Someone mentioned that the track was from Risky Business, but I've never been able to find it.

Back To The Future - Teaser - YouTube

Carson Dyle

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The trailers to Psycho and Strangelove because (especially in the latter case) they're works of art in and of themselves.

The teaser trailer to The Shining because... well, just look it up. And imagine seeing that in the theater for the first time six months before the movie came out.

Ditto the teaser for Blade Runner.

ALIEN, for obvious reasons (check it out if you don't know what I mean by obvious reasons).

The trailer for the Star Wars Special Editions if only for the climactic juxtaposition of Yoda's line "There is another..." with a shot of Darth Vader (first time those dots were connected in so direct and dramatic a fashion).

Fellowship of the Ring because I wrote the VO copy, and it's probably the first and only time I'll write dialogue of any kind for Ian McKellen.



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Sorry this isn't the HD version, but loved this song way before hand and was so happy when someone made excellent use of it by paring it with something completely fitting. One of my favorite trailers in a long time. Again, sorry not the best quality.

Watchmen Trailer 1 - YouTube


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Here's one that I'm REALLY looking forward to. Act of Valor stars real Navy SEALs and features accurate weapons and tactics. The trailer caught my attention instantly and i'm extremely excited for it to come out.

Act of Valor