Let's play a game: Flaws in Ocean's Eleven


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Ocean's Eleven has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, simply for the comedic timing. However, every time I watch it it just gets more and more ridiculous! There are SO many flaws, impossibilities and just downright absurd luck.
I'd like to see just how many flaws we can find in this single movie.

I'll start art off with an easy one.
When Danny is in the room with Bruiser getting "beat up", just exactly how long was he in there?! At least an hour, right? What if in the time Danny was away one of the guards came in and saw him missing? From there the whole theft would be over. Not to mention, if I were getting beat up for at least an hour I think I would be disfigured, paralyzed or even dead. Danny looked pretty darned good when he came out. :lol

If You're familiar with the film I'd love to get your input.


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So this was one of the suggested threads to click on even though its now almost a year old. But funny that I was thinking about this movie the other day. Haven't seen it in years, but I was actually thinking, that what if when the one casino guy called 911, what if Danny's team hadn't intercepted the call. The real cops would have shown up and messed everything up.