Ler's Play Expo Plano TX 8/1 and 8/2/15


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Posted about this in the Star Trek TOS sim thread.

If you are in Texas, a the final game with demo Captain's Chair will be at the Let's Play expo in Plano on 8/1 and 8/2 along with Starfighter, Space Paranoids, Encom Astrogunner, and Polybius. There will be 80 or so other games and pins there as well including custom builds (not my software) such as Fix It Felix, Evil Dead Pinball, Ultraman, and Splatterhouse. For aficianados, there will be the entire Atari vector line, Wacko and Kozmik Kroozr, And a Ready Player One tournament with the prize being a full Black Tiger machine. Finished the TOS sim a while back and have been frantically repairing/restoring since. Need to clean up the file and post for download along with a few other projects.

The site is

Any build I've done (except Altar of the Unnamed which should be at Fantastic Arcade this year) should be there along with a ton of rare machines and builds. At last count Monday, after adding the final Atari vector (Lunar Lander) and a Subroc3D cockpit, we were at over 80 arcade machines and pins. Many I have never seen at a show before.

If interested, come on down, I will be the lonely old guy sitting at a table amongst the arcade machines watching kids fight over the Playchoice 10 and wondering how this newer generation went so wrong.


P.S. it's the Let's Play Expo. Man, I am old.
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