LeMarchand Cube Schematics- Hellraiser Bloodlines


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Thanks eaviii for the thread,

I have have been looking for these prints for several years if anyone has the set for sale I would like the opportunity to get a/the set from you. I have searched ebay and other such site with no luck as most just expect people want the cube design and these very cool prints are rather hard to find.

Please if anyone knows were they can be found let me know as it would finally put an end to a fairly long search.


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There is a bit of irony that today of all days I find the main one on E-Bay at:
Hellraiser Bloodline Elysium Configuration Parchment | eBay

That being said if you have any ideas who might have the other four lesser know but very cool pictures I would like them just as much as I'm getting the main one now before it is gone again.

Not sure... but this appears to be someone that is selling Propnomicon's (RPF member) work that you can find for free right here on his website.


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He might actually have been responsible for the one the OP is asking about as well... From his page:
About ten years ago I was heavily into the "Hellraiser" mythos and produced a number of prop parchments purporting to be folio pages from the design book of Phillip LeMarchand, the original creator of the puzzle box featured in the first few films. I eventually quit offering them when a dealer scanned the whole lot and was offering bootleg prints for far less than I could afford to make them

Sounds like he might have been the one that made them originally...



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It is hard to tell as the main one is one that I would expect to find several reproductions from different individuals as that Elysium Configuration is absolutely in the movie and I could easily see many people trying to copy it. The additional parchments from the framed pieces of art could very well be from him or the copies that he referred to as I would like to know the answer I have sent him an e-mail as if possible to get the art from the artist that would be the best thing. I hate to think that I would be giving money to some that is in all reality stealing the item that they are selling. As the original artists should be getting the money from reproductions.

Assuming he might be the original artist I have asked it he has or would be willing to reconsider his stance on selling additional copies. Who knows it might not be him but it would be nice to know.


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If what is written in the 10-27-2007 posting from PROPNOMICON he is the artist:


That being said his blog from above stated that he is some times willing to give copies to those whom ask but since I haven't heard back from him via e-mail yet I have now way to know if he is still willing. I only say this because I'm sure that there are other hellraiser fans that would love to have the opportunity to purchase such nice artwork.


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Got the best news the other day PROPNOMICON is indeed the creator and since there has been renewed interest and it has been years since he stopped selling them he said that he is going to try and update the since he has had a lot of practice at Paper Crafting over the past few years. He didn't specifically say that he would be willing to sell copies but one can hope he will when finished.
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