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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by saberdance, Jun 22, 2006.

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    Hello all. I first want to say how much you guys rock. I've been following all the obi Wan saber discoveries and think it's an amazing group effort-great detective work and a wonderful sharing of ideas and info for a common goal.
    I'm a MR collector myself and have about 20 pieces mostly lightsabers. However, I do have a Leia DDC Defender Blaster SE and had a question about it:
    The MR blurb states that the fins behind the muzzle are from a British Plumbing adapter. Parts of SW has it as part of a plastic model airplane engine. Does anyone know which is correct? Does anyone have good pics of the original prop?
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    No one really knows, its one of those unIDd thangs.

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    HEHEHEEHE... :) GETEM VINCE. :) im a fan of this particular sw blaster as well...i have a real russian margolin supplied to me by one this boards best Markus in Germany :) i could never find any parts that looked right but there is a board member here who makes an EXCELLENT version of it and thats what is on mine...that and a graflex flash cord with a metal extension of the barrel...
    now, can anyone tell me how to attach the "site" tip that on the barrel end part on the sw prop? my real margolin does not have that 'tip" ...does that make sense? thanx for input...curt :)

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