LEGO's new Millennium Falcon set


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Apologies in advance (and mods, feel free to nuke this thread since I know this isn't about a traditional model kit), but seeing as LEGO's new $800(!) Millennium Falcon set costs more than almost any other Millennium Falcon model kit I've ever seen (and is bigger than a lot of sets to boot), I thought I'd ask if anyone else might be picking one of these up, whether or not anyone else might try to build one while working on a traditional Falcon kit and/or how everyone thinks the detail in this new LEGO set compares to high-end real model kits (and to the original filming miniatures, of course).

I suppose this could also be a thread about modding/displaying LEGO Falcons as well!

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Love lego ... always have , always ( probably ) will .....Loved it as a kid , then as a parent introducing it to my kids , to playing the video games etc , etc .....

But when it comes to Star Wars , and owning / building replicas of that universes' vehicles , then I'd rather spend money on , and purchase craft / kits that more closely resemble those seen in the films as a child / teenager .
Having said that , I guess more versions of the Millennium Falcon out there , the better !....No harm / No foul :thumbsup

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My son is now almost six, but oh man if he was like 10 or 12, I'd be all over this for him. It says 16+, but that's even better. Imagine all the help he'll need from me!

The definition of this area of the forum is nebulous anyway, so let a thread about this Lego thing rock on!

They would have this at the Lego store at Downtown Disney, and my Disney annual pass discount works there. Or if they might have this in Disneyland at the Star Wars store, I think it's 20%. On the same theme, do things like this wind up being at "normal" discounts? Like Amazon at $650 and free shipping, or ebay with a buy-it-now price? (I can imagine what the collector price will eventually be, by the way. But the MR MF was discounted before it finally sold out. Just saying.)

Mike Todd
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