Lego Xwing pilot


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Thought I would post this...
I recently found a pepakura lego man whilst browsing the interweb and decided to give it a go.
Rather than leave it at the size provided we decided to enlarge it a bit. He now stands around almost 2 feet tall.

The most difficult part (apart from the cutting out the template) was changing the helmet to the xwing helmet. There are a few bits and pieces that I need to fix, the head for example is a bit iffy. Overall though I am very pleased with it.

The other one in the background of the first picture is almost Indiana Jones. He is currently have a few issues with his hat.

Please let me know what you think.



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LOL! I know a couple of kids (not to mention adults) who would love a 2ft tall LEGO man! Can you share the pep file?


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You just wet my appetite for Star Wars Lego.

I love it and it looks like what I have in my X-Wing.


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Thanks for the kind comments.

The next plan is to make him a lightsabre and then follow him up with a more weather resistant version with a solar powered sabre so I can stick him in the garden.

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