LEGO UCS Millenium Falcon Cloud City display


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As soon as I finished building the LEGO UCS Falcon I knew I needed to build a display that was worthy of this beast. Inspired by the packaging, I figured a cool display would be the landing pad from cloud city.


First thing I did was throw together a little cardboard mockup


The backdrop was a little tricky. I really wanted to use something that Ralph McQuarrie had painted for Bespin, but most of his backgrounds included the falcon or the landing pad itself, so I decided to take some screengrabs from the Battlefront 2 PS4 game's cloud city map. I basically walked out to the landing pad, looked around and took a buttload of screenshots. Then I spliced those together in Photoshop to create a cohesive backdrop.

If anyone wants a higher res version of that just hit me up.

Since I was fairly satisfied with the mockup, I moved on to creating the actual landing pad. I thought about making the whole thing out of Legos for cohesiveness, but the platform would have been way too cost prohibitive and also not very sturdy. So I opted to make the ground and support from some 1/8" and 3/4" plywood.


I scored lines in the floor to replicate the tiles of the landing pad. The holes around the brim will be for some small LEDs.



Initial rough LED test


Next up I wanted to have the rim be made of LEGO to match the scene and the model a little more. To do that I used a program called by BrickLink. It's a 3D software for creating Lego sets.

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 9.33.01 PM.png

One of the awesome things about this software is you can import official sets, and use them to set the scale of what you're building. I did that to get the general scale here. Once I was satisfied with the model, I was able to export it and create a parts list using BrickLink and Rebrickable to order said parts.

The only part I couldn't get in the right color was the inside corner piece. I got it in white, and had to create a paint match.

The piece on the right is an official piece, and the left is the paint match.



Next I put together some of the pieces to test how they would align and where the lights would be shining through. The model I created has a single translucent piece for the lights every fourth segment.


I also wanted the display plate to hinge off of the front of the display, so I threw together some pieces to allow a nice angled "museum-looking" title card

Here was the first assembly



And then for the most fun part, the positioning of the minifigures!!



I haven't added in the backdrop yet, but I'm wonding if this display might actually look a little better without it. It could be awesome in the right context, and I may still give it a try, but I'm happy with how it all turned out for now.

The other cool thing is this layout could totally work for the UCS Slave 1 set!
Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 2.35.00 PM.png

Let me know if you would like any assets or files, or info on getting parts to build your own.

Here is a link to the file if you want to download it and check it out!


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Like it, you should try and pick up a Lando and Lobot from eBay would add to this nicely. I got one (Lando) for my UCS Falcon. Where did you pick up the lights?


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Thanks! And good eye on Lando and Lobot haha, my wife and I dug through all our minis to Frankenstein those guys together. I’ll have to check Ebay soon!

And the falcon lights came from lightmybricks! They sell really nice lighting kits for official lego sets. A bit pricey, but if you’re not well versed or equipped for lighting and electronics work (like myself), it’s really nice kit. I think it was $100. I removed the turret lights since they’re a little overwhelming, but it also has interior lighting that’s awesome. I’ll upload those in a bit if you like

The lights for the platform were just some small AA powered Christmas LEDs

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