Lego Movie Benny Costume! Finished and WIP IMAGE HEAVY


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It's been awhile since I've made another costume, haha! My most recent costume was Benny or the 1980s Space Something Guy from the Lego Movie. This costume was fun since it forced me to use technique, materials.etc that I normally didn't use. I love trying new techniques, so he was a blast!

Initial cardboard body build

Head WIP. Head built on cement tubing and helmet carved out insulation foam then covered in papermache w/wood glue and spackle. I made sure to add 'teeth marks' to the helmet for movie accuracy.

Finishing up. I covered the body with fiberglass and resin for durability and used bondo to fill in cracks and holes in the body. The body was sprayed with Plasti-Dip to achieve that plastic look. Vision is through mouth via buckram fabric. The arms were constructed out of foam and fabric to help with move and balance whilst hands were constructed out of cardboard.

And finished photos! I helped my friends build their Bad Cop and Unikitty.
10177532_346629272157213_1369438075432986850_n (1).pngtumblr_n6t8lwu0uj1ss0h47o1_1280.jpgtumblr_n7p8tlpUL71ss0h47o1_1280.jpg10610581_10203762082468390_6131803903597435912_n.jpg

Walking was tricky but not hard! I wasn't able to run but I didn't mind. Hoping and being in character wasn't a problem.
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Yay! Great job! Love the WIP. With those techniques definitely seem like you'll get a lot of wear out of it!! My son and I found your costume on line when searching for references on his costume so it's fun to see you posting on here!

I bet you got a great reaction - people love Lego.
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