lego costumes


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i know these aren't as impressive as some of the builds i have seen on here but you have to start somewhere right?
These are the lego costumes i made for my daughters this past halloween, thanks for looking..


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Looks great. Just made out of cardboard?

I've got to try find some time to get one of these built for our local Lego Expo in August!


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yes, they are made entirely of cardboard, with nylon strapping to hold things together. i will post mor pictures one of these days when i am at home, but for how here are a couple progress pictures. i built the two at the same time, and including the time to work out the measurments so they were still proportionatly correct there is probably about 50 hours into the build..
again, thanks for looking.. DSCN1149.JPG DSCN1149.JPG DSCN1145.JPG DSCN1145.JPG
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