Legion Hunter

Ancient One

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Hello everyone, Since im not able to start the process on my own Hunter. I would like to share my work
with everyone showing what he would look like or at least what his armament/weaponry. I'm sorry about
some of the pics my scanner cut bits off nothing a plasma cannon wouldn't fix. I hope everyone enjoys
my work.

My second drawing of my Bio.

My Armor top Based off the lost/cyborg hunter Predators 2.


Showing the back of my Armor top
one side the area for the backpack/
cannon rest the other side a quiver to
hold the arrows.the middle of course
for the Combi staff. Below attached
to the armor is a back flap that can
attach to the belt and where to store
my bow.

Front waist flap.

My leg armor.

My Predator feet claws.

My Shotgun Plasma Cannon.

My left Gauntlet, a net Launcher with mounted bola shooters.

My Right Gauntlet, this blade gauntlet including two spear
bolts launchers, star shooter, and rocket launchers.

My Tojo Shuriken inspired by Van Helsing


My collapsible bow and arrow.


Thank you for looking.

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Ancient One

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Amazing concepts and artwork. I really like the collapsible bow.
I thank you, something new to add to the Hunters arsenal. I seen the older
concept topics and any available fan movies they all inspired me I hope it
shows in my work.. My idea for the Combi bow works like the Combi staff
the ends of the bow and some of the handle are the ends of the Alien tail
with a retractable line placed at each end and when closed used as a
defensive weapon.

Thank you again

Ancient One

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As said, more to come.

More to my arsenal.

The Achilles Mine


The Trapper Blade Gauntlet with mounted Flame Thrower

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You have 5 weapons in one I love the bow and the flame thrower was a great idea Van Helsing was a great movie I used to watch it every full moon

Ancient One

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I thank you I'm glad you like my works, never hurts to be prepared when on the hunt
I also loved Van Helsing wish there was a sequel.


Ancient One

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The last few drawings I will add to the arsenal, until arrangements can be made for any future product productions.

My Predator Glaive which can extend at both ends
and seperate into two pieces

Vile of star light, a little add on to my arsenal a vile containing spores
that can either kill or hinder ones prey

This gun is based off of the Nike T shirt Gun an idea if it had
the Predator touch put to It

Had an idea, What if a Predator had a POV camera mounted on a bio
and some how the controls was mounted in the Bomb Gauntlet

Last but not least Predator Handcuffs


Enjoy everyone

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