Legend of Zelda: Master Sword - Kit build


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I got this LoZ Master Sword kit from KevlarGorilla (aka Heroic Replicas) back on his initial run many many moons ago, and never got around to finishing it. Decided to take a break from Fett stuff and finally pulled it out of storage

Its one of his standard Resin hilt kits with the Stainless Steel CNC’d blade

Over the last few days Ive slowly worked away at hand polishing the blade. I started with 120 grit wet/dry Sandpaper and worked my way slowly up to 600 grit to bring the surface to a beautiful shine. Each side of the blade has about 6-8hrs of polishing work on it so far because there was a LOT of raw stock surface grain/scale in the non CNC’d surface that needed to be worked out without losing the beautiful lines of the edges

Blade Surface Before Polishing

Blade Surface After Polishing

Also threw the hilt in a vice and milled the top and bottoms square

Test Fit

More to come!


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More Progress

Started playing around with the handle.
The core of the handle is two sections of wood that are glued together, but I also decided to turn some aluminum retaining rings to sure the area up even further
The rings also have an additional recess within them to help hide the ends of the leather wrap once thats added later



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Boy, this is gonna turn out great. I wish I had gotten on that run when it was being offered but there was no way I could swing the cash (wanted the bronze option). Gonna be lookin' on this thread with great envy!