Legal action against Alfred Norris for fraud on commissions...

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    I recently posted here and other locations about being defrauded by Alfred Norris, on a costume and face shell I ordered and paid for over a year ago. I soon learned that the RPF actually banned him for such behavior, but that has not stopped him from defrauding others. After receiving numerous replies from others he has defrauded, I am now looking at taking some form of legal action against him. Possibly filing a complaint wit the FBI's ICCC division. If I do file a complaint, I would like to include info on others he has defrauded. Since a single case for $945 is unlikely to draw significant action from the ICCC. However, a claim describing how he has defrauded numerous people might be enough to elicit some action.

    My business law professor is also looking into what realistic (and affordable) options are available to me. Even if I got my money back (which I doubt), I've still missed using that costume for 7 major cons, and other local events, over the past year. These events would have justified the cost before starting UW this fall; when I won't be attending as many events due to school. But now those are all past, so the costume is not worth the cost anymore. The only positive I can get out of this is to prevent others from being defrauded by him. There are threads on here about Alfred Norris defrauding customers going back to 2011. Just from what I now know of, he has defrauded people for thousands of dollars in the last year or two over costumes and related items than were paid for but never delivered. Not counting those who did receive their product, but it was months late or not as advertised (like face shells without lenses.) So it's very possible that he's defrauded people for tens of thousands over at least 5 years, and probably longer since the 2011 threads were probably not the first instances of him doing this.

    The cost of litigation (such as small claims court) far outweighs what any individual person has lost to him... which is probably why no one has taken any legal action against him. It's not worth the cost... and Alfred Norris probably knows this (supposedly he's a lawyer.) He probably knows that no one will "take him to court" for ripping them off on a costume; and that most people won't know about other "out of court" (and much cheaper) options which often get results. However, I have the benefit of a law professor and TA, both of whom are practicing lawyers. So any relevant information that someone would be willing to share, would be much appreciated.

    Damian Allen
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    I wish you good luck with your legal action.
    But , as you may start to realize, it is very difficult to take legal action against someone : the person is usually out of state,
    the amount is not worth the legal cost, some victims are not aware of your actions....
    Case in point: Scammer , recaster warning : latest alias Loganprops, recent alias Snikt Shop
    i will be looking forward to what you can come up with.

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