Legacy Lightsaber issues? has anyone open them up?


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I got my freind to get me Obi-wan's ep 1 lightsaber and when i plug in the blade it makes the sound.. but when i twist it and try to turn it on nothing happen... i got my friends savi's lightsaber and we switch blades to see if it was my blade or my hilt was the issue.. it turns out it was my hilt.. my friend was thinking maybe the switch on my obi wan lightsaber is not connected somehow.. so i wanted to try to open it to see but i have not seen any videos of anyone taking out the stuff inside the legacy sabers so i would even know how to do it.. ( I don't have money to get in to the park to ask them about it... since the whole reason for me getting my freind to buy it is cuss of that... and he is not gonna go back in just to deal with my saber...)


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I just received my Blade and tried it on both my sabers Rey (Reforged & Kylo). Had issues with mine as well, i thought i had a bad switch but then realized i had to push and twist then seemed to work properly once i made the adjustment. It's tricky and should come with instructions. Hope this helps?


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no I seen videos of people putting on obi-wans blade and twist and turning it on.. i did that nothing happen.. i also got my friend who has a savi saber and he turned it on.. he would know how to do it since he has one of the sabers and nothing happened when he did it..


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i ended up having to get disney to replace the hilt . ( which i assume u can't do it anymore ) called the number on the recepet and email them

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