left hand


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hi i show my first part os predator cosplay is a left hand, i need finised figers (uñas) and (pinchos) i create it in first i use a replicate in wax of my left hand. later create a predator hand up the wax in plasticine y dont have money for masille epoxi Uu. when i have finish y use wax to create mold and latex use latex to create , i use latex for paint partition is good but have better this isnt flexible in cold but in five minutes the corporal hot do flesible ^^ i use sellotape for close hand and inmerxe in latex this is the work.
people can see that i dont have a lot of money all work cost 30 or 40 dolars but i like ^^

if some one can say me a page for show better photo i do a lot thaks
sorry for bad englis i spanish jeje^^*


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yes i have spanish and i finish a C program with boom contdown when i finish i see program and electrik circuit in white board ^^ for all
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