Leela Futurama Costume..


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This is a Leela Futurama Costume i am working on..
(along with the Bender Futurama project..)

i hope to have the costume done for ecc 2012.. (2 weeks away..)

so, should be done soon..

(& some shots of this project so far..)


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Leela Futurama Costume.. (kick a..!)

found some boots for a great price.. (7$!!)

(some left over bender fabric.. bam! boots!)


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Leela Futurama Costume.. (son of a..)

felt like the costume could use some prop..

so i worked on a gun for Leela (based off the show..ish)


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*& because its (almost always) cold up here in the north left..
(washington state)

i am also making a jacket for the costume..


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You're really capturing the cartoon to real life look. It's simple but very accurate and clean. Very nice!!


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Leela Futurama Costume.. (boooo! no photos!!!)

thank you much for the notes!!
i am trying to keep a very cartoon like feel..

(but now things are getting a lil hairy.. i really felt like the hair should be a sculpt of some sort (a skill not in my bag of tricks yet..) but got wigs to use for now. & this is not working out as well as i would like..

the Leela costume works a little better than Fry..
(i think because of the animated/large eye..??)

*if there are any suggestion or thoughts please feel free to leave them.. cause i may start pulling my own hair out.. of frustration..;)
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no swimsuit.. (yet..)

butt.., eye may be closer to the cartoon-ish solution for frys eyes & costume concept I had hoped for..!
should help the hair not be the focal point.. (& there just kinda fun!)

*gonna work with it a bit more..


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Leela Futurama Costume.. test fitting!!

most of the costume is put together..

*(1 week till ecc..)


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They look fantastic! If you are still trying things with the hair, some people use craft foam cut into strips and then glued together to achieve cartoony effects, that may be an option.