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Hey guys, so I'm working on illuminating a visor via a pre-made LED strip and "test me" button.

Here's the image:


As seen in the picture, both strips are powered by two 9V batteries connected together with a "test me" button, powering two pre-done LED strips, it works perfect, just gotta figure out how to figure it into my visor.

I'm trying to get each 9V battery into its own ear pod, but that connecting wire isn't long enough to fish along the front. Also, both batteries won't fit in one ear pod. (I'd like to keep the test me button as a simple button push like when Cyclops does). I guess maybe, if all goes to worst, I can just use the extra wire and put the batteries inside my jacket or something, along with the button and "fake" the side visor button push. But I really would appreciate some help to figure out what I'm trying to accomplish.

Also, side question, (the visor itself is made of window tint + red transparent folder) what would be the most optimal way to direct the LEDs evenly along the visor?

Thank you everyone, I really appreciate any help!
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I think the best way (and I am not an expert or an electrician) to get the light evenly would be to cover the LEDs with a diffuser film, if it would still be as bright as you are wanting it to be. As far as the batteries in each ear piece, I would cut that white wire and solder a longer wire in between the two cut pieces of white wire. Although I really suggest putting the batteries in your pocket as they may heat up during prolonged usage.


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I can easily borrow one from a friend, along with any other things I'd need. Would you mind giving a quick rundown or a link to a quick tutorial?
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