LED Project (deadmau5)


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Hey everyone, My last thread got closed because i posted up that crowdfunder pitch. But this one i'll start posting more pictures and stuff on when i get the things i need. I won't post any of the donation links on this one or anything.

Anyway, Before my last thread got closed i said i'm getting the globe, Fabric, making ears, installing fans and things like this next week. So hopefully that all goes well
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Be prepared to put in a lot of hours, i believe that one took 10 months and he knows his 5h!t...

Each LED module in there was manufactured that is, PIC, PCB and LED's put together. I have no idea how he converted the video into the Micro Controllers. Unless you have some very strong electronics and lighting knowledge I think this one might be a struggle.

Just my opinion but, best of luck!


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Thanks. I have someone experienced working on the LEDs, I just have to build - The head & put fabric on, Make the holes for fans and install them, Make the ears, Put fabric on and simple stuff like this.


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Bad news.. The person working with me on the LEDs has dropped out due to family issues. Is there anyone here on the RPF that will take up the challenge to help me create the deadmau5 LED head. When i sell it the person will be payed that helps me (if i can find someone)


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Gonna try do the LEDs myself, Also GOOD NEWS!!!!!

I may be getting a donation of around £500, Which basically will pay for the LEDs and the arduino.


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After some research I found a few resources from Adafruit.

Discreet LED pixels 12mm Diffused Digital RGB LED Pixels (Strand of 25) [WS2801] ID: 322 - $45.00 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits
Discreet LED pixels (strip form) Digital Addressable RGB LED w/ PWM waterproof flexi strip - (1m) ID: 306 - $35.00 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Both of these items function identically -- every LED on the line can be controlled separately. The data lines are built into the cabling. Through the use of a standard microcontroller you can control each LED independently. Both products can be interconnected for as long a string as you want as long as the power supply can handle it.

The first link has the products in a "Christmas light" form factor -- LED, few inches of wire, next LED, etc. The second link all of the LEDs and control chips are embedded in a traditional LED strip. Its still cuttable but the strips will lay flat on their own.

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