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Hello everyone,
For awhile now I have been trying to find good reference information and pictures of the Marauder's Map from Harry Potter and recently learned that in the Studio Tour there is a digital interactive Marauder's Map with images and trivia from the film (touch-screens in the "Big Room". Unfortunately I have been unable to find anything from it except a few blurry images or a couple seconds worth of video which are usually even blurrier. Seeing some of this information would greatly help me in my project to create new fold-outs for the Chamber of Secrets, the trial chambers from the Philosopher's Stone, the Room of Requirement, quidditch pitch, and possibly more.

Is there a reason why images and/or video of it doesn't seem to exist, since in some videos I've seen people recording and taking pictures of the screen, or do most people just not bother with it because of the draw of the areas around it, like the Gryffindor common room and Dumbledore's office?

My request, if it isn't obvious yet, is for someone who's been there in person and has video or pictures of this to please share it. I'll never be able to afford to go myself, and I don't know how else to get ahold of footage of it.
They sell that map at universal studios and maybe online too. Figure you can buy one and use it as a master to do what ever yo wish with it.
I have image files of the Noble Collection map and even images of the actual prop both on film and display, but the interactive version has more to it than either of those and also shows where certain rooms of the castle are on the map. The original and NC versions label a few rooms, but not the ones I'm trying to find.
Video and flash photography is prohibited on the tour so may partly explain the lack of useful images/footage. I don't live too far away from the Studios and have been wanting to go there for a while (it's not been a top priority of mine as, although I liked the films, I'm not a major "Pot-head"). If I do get around to going I'll do what I can for you but I'm afraid it's unlikely to be very soon.

Good Luck!
Rob, I would greatly appreciate it, and I am a patient man so I'm ok if it takes awhile. According to their website, taking pictures and video is allowed except for the "pre-show cinema and green screen areas", and the interactive marauder's maps don't seem to be off-limits.
I'll get some next time I go. will be in the new year now though. we are taking some friends as a christmas treat.
The interactive Marauder's Map is on a touchscreen below the big clock pendulum...Sorry, I didn't read this post before going there this week.


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