Leather "Marble Bag"

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by SecretAgentMan, Apr 13, 2015.

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    I was watching The Goonies with my kids the other day and decided to try making a "Marble Bag" out of leather. Not screen accurate by any means but it was a quick project. I am thinking about making an Indiana Jones sand bag sometime this week. I have some heavy canvas that will work great.

    Materials: Soft Kip leather
    Leather strip
    Leather glue
    Waxed nylon thread
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    Nice, would love to make the raiders bag myself. Looking forward to seeing it.:)
  3. Raiders March

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    Think there was a thread on here dedicated to that marble bag, apparently the company 'marbleking' that made the bags still have them in production today sort of.
    The end result was very accurate to the film. Yours is a nice effort aswell.
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    Re: Leather "Marble Bag"

    Marble King was contacted but they had no info or could not help with recreating the one in the film. So a member here recreated it along with a stamp to recreate the logo and dud a run of them. So don't get your hopes up about buying one from Marble King.

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