leather dye on suede?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Jawafive, Feb 25, 2012.

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    I am hoping to use some navy blue leather dye to color a pair of suede hiking boots in the near future. They are very expensive and I really can only afford one shot. Does anyone have any experience with this or could give me some tips?

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    There's got to be a real expert around here somewhere, unless you have a Tandy leather outlet nearby with a knowledgable owner.

    BUT...when I was coloring some chap suede straps for a set of armor, I was told by a dealer that the nap of suede makes re-coloring it by any method difficult. I don't think it's impossible, but it may not turn out the way you want it because the nap will soak up moisture. Plus, if the boots have been treated with any kind of repellent or finish, you might be SOL regardless.

    I did manage to tint suede using watered-down acrylic paint, but the dealer was right, it was very difficult. Plus, lighter colors caked no matter how much water I used and how many layers I applied, while darker colors just soaked right in. So I don't recommend it. If you can't find an expert in leather dye to ask, try buying a small, untreated piece of suede leather (many craft stores have Tandy products, including leather scraps, or there's also the suede patches for coat elbows) and test out the dye first.
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    Ya i agree with Obiwannabe, best bet is to see and look for a leather guru around your area. see what he/she has to say. u can only do it once, so better make sure it is done right the first time. Plz keep us informed on your findings and end result.
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    you're welcome. :D
  6. aeryn

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    my BF dyed his suede mal coat a darker brown. looks great! we went over to tandy and he picked up a bottle of ecoflo dye, a holding bottle and an aerosol propellant for spraying with. worked great, but he ran out of the propellant and we just used my airbrush after that. you don't want to use a brush-on dye for suede.

    he had treated it with water repellant some years back, so an under-collar test was done first. worked fine.
  7. joeranger

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    Hey guys, I am trying to make a brown piece of suede look burgundy. I am using a garment I bought at goodwill for $5 so if it doesn't work, it is no big deal.

    Is there a way to remove some of the color before I try to re-dye it? I will have scrap pieces to test.
  8. MrSouthpaw

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    Try hitting it with some talcum powder and suede brushing it off. Sucks out some of the dye.

    You can also try rubbing it with a dry white towel. Be careful you don't rub too hard or you'll burnish the suede which will make it smooth.

    Of course experiment on an unseen portion first.

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