Leather bound copy of "There and Back Again a Hobbit's Tale" from the Fellowship of the Ring movie


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Hey everybody,
I was rewatching the LotR and noticed a prop that always catches my eye, but have never been able to find online, its Bilbo's own copy of The Hobbit that he shows to Frodo when he first comes to Rivendell (seen at 1:17:09 also a couple other times). Does anyone know by chance where this can be found? I've found another similar copy that's handwritten by an Hungarian artist from "The Tolkien Shop" but I wasn't completely certain if that's the same thing, a beautiful book nonetheless. I would really appreciate any and all help. Thank you guys!!


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Indy Magnoli is the guy, I’d say. If someone has a better suggestion feel free to share.

Just look for the Red Book of Westmarch, by Magnoli Props. It’s definitely worth it.

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