Le Petit Prince (little prince) 3D painting

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    First a little backstory: My best friend recently became a mother and she asked me if i could make a couple of paintings for the baby-room. She had seen two cute paintings at the maternity hospital and taken pictures with her phone on them.
    So i took the picture into Photoshop and retraced all the different layers and then made templets to cut out from felt and paper. She loved them.


    My work...

    Tomorrow I'm going to surprise her with another one that i just finished
    And that is Le Petit Prince (little prince) or Lille Prinsen in swedish The Little Prince - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I happen to see that she had the book in her bookshelf a while back and when i made those two other painting i remembered it.

    I based my sculpt on the cover of the book:
    The sculpt is made from Super sculpey that I harden with my heatgun.
    This is the first time i was able to sculpt a face so that it really looked like a face.:)

    I have the habit to overthink things that i make and that only makes it take too long time to make, with this build i started to think that i should add a couple of Leds inside the volcanoes just for the "lava effect" but thank god i scratched that.
    I made a tiny rose that i stuck onto a wire and made the glass cover from a plastic candy container. Everything is painted with acrylic paints.
    After it was ready i hot glued it to a canvas frame that i had painted the background on. The whole frame is 8x6 inches. The prince is just a little over 2 inches long.

    Thanks for looking.

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