Lawrie's RACM (USCM) build


I finally managed to secure myself a set of Polish Desert BDU's so I can finally get my RACM (USCM) build up and running.

Here's what I have to work with:



I have to remove the lower pockets on the shirt, the elbow patches, the knee patches, move the right pocket on the pants and sew the collar.

I'm ordering a set of sergeants stripes and an Australian flag patch this coming week.

More updates as they happen.



G'day guys.

Just a quick update. I got the sergeant's stripes and the Aussie flag patch a few days ago, but I haven't sewn them on yet. That's a 'for the weekend' job.

The stripes are Vietnam era Australian Army sergeant's stripes, so they sort of fit the period. I will update and post photos once I have them sewn on.

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