laura - logan [2017]

Basically this is still in its absolute infancy for me, but I've started to gather resources for it and was hoping this might help me get further than that. I'm planning on doing a set of claws with this, but since it's such a casual cosplay, I want it to be as accurate as possible. I'm thinking her jacket is probably gap or Levi, and her tunic shirt thing definitely has a horse and a rainbow on it. Still can't make out the logo on the sunglasses, which is driving me nuts.

640.jpg 7856.jpgla-et-hc-wolverine-3-logan-trailer-20161020-snap.jpgScreenshot_20161106-183541.pngScreenshot_20161106-183609.pngScreenshot_20161026-183755.pngScreenshot_20161026-183755.png