Latex/Silicon on Full Body Fabric Suit? Is it possible?


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I know it's possible in some form, but I am still trying to work out some details as to how to achieve this effect.

Today, I've watched someone pour Dragonskin on a Spider-Man suit; an entire video on how to cast a latex monster suit; how to create a foam muscle bodysuit using latex as glue.

However, I have yet to find a straight answer to this question:

If I put latex/silicone or something akin to it, over foam built up on a spandex/lycra/fabric bodysuit, will it have enough flexibility to walk/move without cracking, splitting, or otherwise ultimately destroy the design?

After looking into casting, a full body suit like what I would expect to make for this project would cost me several thousand, which I cannot afford to commit to at the moment, however a combination of foam and latex might do the trick.

Can anyone help?

And in case anyone is wondering, I am attempting a Warframe cosplay. I have seen only a handful done well, and I know of two that were executed by professionals. I am trying to get the alien skin texture onto a body suit that is basically skin tight, without making a Catwoman outfit.

Thanks in advance.


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Yes. But both will degrade over time.

Latex on foam (urethane foam such as is used in bedding) is pretty standard though old fashioned for film/theatre etc. It's free style so relies a lot on ability to disguise the technique. It's taken me a very long time to develop a good method and even that is super reliant on environment.

I also have put silicone on fabric for a costume, my Witchblade is all freehand caulking silicone on a stretch base.

I should put progress photos up.