Latex Predator Feet From Amazing Spiderman Lizard Feet.


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Hello, bought these at Amazon for $27, shipped. I've seen others buy similar ones for feet so if in need snatch a pair before they're gone. They fit nice and big too, (size 14 for me). I'm gonna glue them around some cheap shoes and repaint.

They are latex covers by the way. Sorry I haven't done so, working on so many other pieces at the moment.
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That is actually a really good way of making feet if you aren't willing to go with all the moulding and casting. Now that I think of it this is probably how I'm gonna make my Pred feet too.
Thanks to you friend.
good idea friend, kept informed of the process predator's feet.
includes photos please
Updated pics. I e6000 glued them to a pair of shoes. I had to slit them so my big ass feet will squeeze in, I will cover that with a flap of foam armor.



Sephiros Hunter said:
wow epic but what name did you search to find them? just monster feet?
Found them as well searching for "amazing spiderman lizard feet" on Amazon. If it fits size 14, looks like this may be a way I go to do my own feet :) Thanks for the post!
Yep, that's them on ebay for cheaper than what I paid.... 
I didn't put any lifts in them. I suppose you could underneath the shoes as long as they flex. I did paint the nails black. I'll post a complete pic soon.

Note: The Lizard feet seemed to fit around a low/skater style shoe the best. Hightops or boots wouldn't work cause there's not enough material to cover the height. Thanks for the kind remarks.  
Thanks, here's a shot with armor flap. Glued near the feet end only so it can bend when walking.

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Interesting idea. Would probably be worth it for me to just test my painting skills on. Buy a couple pairs at that price and just practice practice practice! Thanks for the idea!
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