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NeXus 61

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Hey all, this is NeX from germany writing and I would say first of all that my english language skills are horrible, but because I really like the friendly and helpful interaction in The Hunter's Lair I hope to be part of this (english writing) community!

Ok, I started with reading a lot of the threads with all the different experiences and deceided to start my own Predator project.

I talked and ordered a head and mask with Termokk. So far so good...
At the same time I bought a Mr. I Suit and 5l Latex & Airbrush eqip., some other stuff.

After reading a lot about airbrushing & ask som of you, I learned the below, AND PLZ CORRECT ME if i am wrong.

After coating the Mr. I Suit about 144 times with Latex ... and style & arrage muscles etc. I have to
- cover the whole Latex suite with Prosaide (still found no european/german product equivalent)
- mix Createx colors 1 : 1 with Prosaide (it becomes like the Pax - product?)
- put everything in the airbrush and paint like crazy
- let it dry and cover again with Prosaide (then always in between each layer of paint)
- after finishing with painting (ask board for opinion & feedback) then seal the whole suit with Permawet (damn what is it called in germany?)

Is that the correct way to to it!?

Thanks in advance!


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I'm almost positive you don't have to lay down a layer of prosaide in between colors. Your best bet would be to get the prosaide and permawet online.


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I don't know if this is any help, you could contact Mouldlife in the UK, they sell a product called Aquafix, it's their version of Pros Aide, but cheaper.You can buy a product called Liquitex gloss medium and varnish which apparently works like Permawet, I don't know about postage to Germany though.

Belfast Neil

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If you haven't already bought a load of colours I would suggest using FW Inks. You can airbrush them straight onto the pros-aide covered mask, no need for mixing. Once the colour has dried, mist another coat of pros-aide over it and go at the next colour. Works well and is the cleanest and easiest way to do it.
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