Latest and final (for now) tricorder build complete

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by cjvince, Apr 30, 2012.

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    Hi guys

    My latest and final (for the foreseeable future) tricorder build is complete-ish. I am waiting patiently for the rechargeable battery from Gerry, solder it in and it's done.

    This is the fourth tricorder build I have done in a row including the refurb I did on my Mark IX science tricorder.

    Thanks for looking


    IMG_1236 by cjvince, on Flickr
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    That's pretty! I may need to contact Gerry about a battery. I'm using 3AAA's and it works well, but I sometimes have to give it the old Han Solo tap of encouragement to make connection to get it going. Also, the red LED's never turn off, they do a dim bleed that drains the batteries. Working out of town, I just have not had the time to test for a short.
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    Lovely cjvince.

    Will have to get me one of these.........eventually........funds permitting

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