Last stand Spider man suit anyone

SGT Tasty Wheat

New Member
Hey Guys!

Any of you Spider-Man edge of time fans should know that has released a spiderman last stand suit. The suit from when peter witnesses his last days on earth if im not mistaken. I was wondering if anyone has made this costume yet, is going to and if i should take a crack at it. Is it a suit i could get done before Halloween maybe?

Also feel free to add any comments about the suit. Like it or dislike it and why, im curios to see everyone's opinion.


P.s. here is a picture of the suit.


SGT Tasty Wheat

New Member
Not at all man. Post some pics either here on the fourm or in this thread when your done and if you find out any tips post them here if you dont mind. I'll do the same once im less busy. Good luck


Master Member
I know for sure there is at least one member here making this as he asked me to commisison a set of urethane frames for his suit.
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