Laser effects for sci-fi models

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Hello all, I am new to this forum and this is my first actual post. I am looking into the idea of creating a model display, in this case, a combination of the classic Star Wars X wing being pursued by a Tie fighter. What i thought may look cool is creating a laser cannon blast effect from the Tie fighter. I have thought of two possibilities, 1) green cold cathode lighting or 2) electro-luminescent lighting, which I do not believe would be very bright. Has anyone else thought of this or tried this? Thanks
could you not use a laser pointer internals - assemble it into the model, and use something to create a mist that rises up from the base - maybe have the laser to be button activated by extending the wires to the base - so when the mist (insense underneath or one of thos mist making things) rises the laser pointer will give a straight beam of light, could even go a step further and get a laser blast sample and wire that up another button - so u get laser blast sound and laser light effect - the mist will act as a source to illuminate the laser and be smoke............... random thought that i got carried away with there lol
I really thought about using a few green CC lights from these folks;

Cold Cathodes, Cold Cathode Light Kits - Cold Cathode Lights for your PC

These would be very bright and they have a sound activated option, however i believe they would too bulky & difficult to display. I think i might try the glow wire first just to see how bright it is. I will be using the studio scale models so they would also need to be displayed several feet apart for proper perspective.
I think you'll find clear acrylic or styrene rod and an LED will be the most practical and cost effective.

Starship Modeler - Tech Library (Main) - The How Do I? Section

is a good place to start.

[edit:] didn't catch until late that these are to be displayed at a distance from one another. You may get some sag in a run of plastic that long, unless you opt for a larger diameter. To that end you might consider looking into side throwing fiber optics.[/edit]
I did something similar with acrylic rod. I sanded them into a laser shape and then roughed them up with a Dremel cutting wheel so they looked like energy beams and not just smooth acrylic. I don't have any pics on here though!
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