Largest TOS Galileo model ever... wait- IT'S THE REAL THING!!!

Did you even watch it?

It HAS been lost... (presumably).

I don't blame you if you didn't watch the whole thing, as I suffered through the overwrought audio and narration until the very end. I want that 5 minutes back.

"..fate is.... unknown....."

It would have been better off if it was left in the desert.

It was left to cook under a tarp in Ohio. Which means it wasn't well looked after. It's to far gone to restore(if it still exists), building a new one would be easier.

I would build one but I don't have the room.
I know, right? Breaks a man's heart to know it's gone....

I refuse to believe it was just destroyed!!!!

This appears to be a more recent view of the yard. It shows the shuttle covered in a tarp in another location behind a truck! The yard where she was has been cleared. If this view is more recent then the “Google Earth” or “MS Virtual Earth” views, then it’s very possible the Galileo survives! Either the owner has her or someone else. There may still be “possibilities”!
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There was a big thread about the Galileo a few years ago, wasn't it determined that it was bulldozed? Sucks but I think that's what happened to the old girl :(
Yes, I've watched it go down the tubes twice. The second time all that really remained of the original was the square tube frame, which was only the wing line down, the rear landing pad and the metal nacelles. The lettering had been poorly replicated in a previous restore.

But it is now gone.
At least somebody had the wisdom to measure up the prop. I don't know the story behind that.

Those drawings were up on Cloudster, sadly that site is down but it might resurface.

It's a real shame how that prop was treated, anybody remember the story of the falling out of the last restoration.
During 1986 a friend of mine who was in charge of it at the time had the Galileo parked in a storage yard just down and off Interstate 10 in Bermuda Dunes, Calif only a few mins from where I lived. It was in pretty descent shape and showed that someone attempted to "restore it" but I can understand why this prop deteriorated like it did....NO PLACE PRACTICAL TO KEEP IT INDOORS or at least a roof over it. The thing was an "Albatross"...very huge and just to trailer it anywhere you needed special permits and a pilot car because of it was too wide to take it on any common roads. That same year it was put on display in front of the local movie theater in Palm Desert, Calif for the opening of Star Trek IV. I know I have pics but can't find them right now. They actually wanted to build an interior for it which I was against but luckily never got around to it. Last I saw of it , it was heading down the freeway to its next owner when its then current owner sold it.
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It's so unfortunate that this happened to so many iconic vehicles. The Blade Runner spinner was left out to rot on the studio back lot and finally disassembled. The Nostromo from Alien left out in the weather for years, luckily it was finally restored.

Seems more props are saved now, even the large ones, and auctioned off...big money in it now.
I saw it at the 20th aniversary ST convention in Anahiem that they mention in the video. It looked good except for the large steel mixing bowls riveted to the front of the nacelles making them flat when they should have been a half sphere. They left it unguarded out n the parking lot one morning and you could walk over and touch it if you wanted(and I did :) ).
If she is gone, then it is sad. But that is the life of set pieces. They were never designed with longevity in mind, just to get used in shots of a short term production. After that, most end up rotting on some back lot somewhere. Even with a production company like MGM or Universal, that tended to be the way of things and they would only ever get refurbished if they were needed in new productions.

With the materials that some of these pieces are made out of, I am surprised some of them even last as long as they do.
When I attempted to buy it, I had already arranged to have it hung from the roof of the San Diego Aerospace Museum.

On the same day I had that meeting, I found that the original helm/navigation console from the bridge was already being stored there. How's that for a small world.
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