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Star Wars large metal tab EIAJ plugs (price for 1)

Sold for 75 EUR - Out of Stock
Hello there,
I have 3 plugs with the more rare large metal connector for sale and 1 with a large connector on one side and a small connector on the other side if someone is looking for something that will look exactly the same on his macros but wants to save a bit :)

they all are in medium vintage condition, I tried my best to capture that in the photos.

Price for ONE large tab connector : 95€ + shipping SOLD
price for ONE large and small tab on one side : 75€ + shipping

shipping for France: 5€
rest of the world: 11€

remember that if you are looking for macros part, I make machined aluminium mystery wedges, available on my website, we can group shipping with those if you need :) at this moment, I also have 4 focusing knobs left but I don't know for how long :)

send me a message or use the buy it now button if you want a 90€ button, if you are looking for the discounted one, please send me a message :)

the last one available is the one on the left now, it has a small tab on the back side!



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just the last one available with a small tab on one side. It is basically the same as the others for a smaller price, the small tab will not be visible once attached to the Eumig :)

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