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So I decided to start my own thread for Pep files just like Feirfek to help out, I have been unfolding files for Feirfek for a while, these files will all be for free kind of a way for me to pay back to the RPF community, I will be building all diffrerent types not just Star Wars, these are the current files I am working on.
I will start with something easier and work my way up

Star Wars
Sand Trooper Ammo Pouch
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I'm guessing you found the files for these 3D Models on the internet? I just know I've got the TIE Helmet file with the Air Hose Grebblies like the AT Helmet has, that I got from a buddy of mine from one of my old forums I used to belong to. That I can tell you now it will take a lot of Poly Reducing to get it to a pepakura stage, plus you see the red lines? Those are open edges. In pepakura when you're making the file that becomes a problem for you as well as the builder. My plan when I got the file from him was to have it done on a CNC Mill, sand it to smooth it and mold it but I never got around to it.
thats the one thing I dont know how to do yet is to reduce the polygons

I was also building your biker scout pep, but since I got my clone armor I completely stopped building it
You can reduce the polys by using a program such as Metasequoia LE it's free and under Object>Reduce Polygons after you open your file in the program.
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