Lance Reddick Rip

This is really upsetting, so sorry to hear this. Loved this actor in everything he has done from Fringe to John Wick...(even the horrible new Resident Evil tv series he was great in). RIP
There's a bit of language in it, but after loving him in FRINGE, I saw a Funny or Die skit called 'Toys 'R' Me' starring him, & it is without a doubt one of the funniest things I've seen.

I encourage you to seek it out.

RIP sir.
When they put natural causes on a death certificate it just means they didn't die from a homicide or suicide or something like that. If someone was a lifelong drug abuser and dies of a heart attack at 40 its still listed as natural causes.
Loved him in John Wick and the whole Bosch series. Great actor, strong character and a very good musician as well...way too soon:(

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