Lady thor Helmet


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Hey all! Its been forever since I've tried to maintain an ongoing wip on anything that im working on. (blame it on the add for projects and general forgetting to take pictures) I will try to remedy it going forward for the people who give a hoot. Anyways when the wife say this I was husband commissioned to work on this for her.

The new thor!

Excited to be working on this. I know alot of people were skeptical when this was first announced...but man is it a fun title! Im all for it! Plus I don't mind seeing the wife in awesome getups :devil
So the search began for decent reference. There's plenty of press on this lady but the problem i ran into was finding anything resembling consistency in the artist interpretations. I found one good side shot of the wings, they seem to be different in every version but the second one above is the one that has the most detail and frankly looks better than the amorphis bloby wingesc thingys that are in every other version.

Work started with blueprints as usual which were drawn up in inkscape and printed. If you aren't using this free program I highly suggest downloading it and working it out. Its been indispensable as of late, especially when you can get to the point of figuring out the missing stuff to bring it into reality.
The next step was sizing it to m'ladys face. Since we don't have a life cast of her and this wasn't going to be a prosthetic we used the tried and true worbla to make a quick and dirty life-cast to get the rough placement of her nose and eyes.

After everything had cooled down i ran a quick layer of smooth cast 300 to help stiffen it up before i filled it with expanding foam.

I covered the top of the worbla cast with great stuff foam (which i normally despise using) and started the rough shaping and refilling of the larger gaps. I have the wing template pinned on for a test fit and guide for size and shape.

Once I had it to a shape and size that seemed good I stated the bondo process. Here's a rough look at the ongoing hours of respiratory torment.

In between coats of bondo I started cutting out the wings. Im cut out the shapes from 1/8" styrene using my scroll saw and doubled them up to get the right thickness and to do the detail work on the jaw portion of the wing. . You want to make sure you use a high tooth count and a slowspeed cutting through the plastic, otherwise the friction from the blade will cause the plastic to fuse back together once you've made your cut. Slow and steady wins the race.

Ill be keeping this updated as I move along the project. Ill be shaping the dome and moving on to sculping the eyes and brows with free form. Stick around to see that. In the mean time. Thanks for checking this out. Subscribe to the project and share it with whomever might find this worthwhile!
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