Lady Sif Sword and Shield

Lady Sif (Movie/Agents of SHIELD) Sword and Shield
Materials: Sintra (1/8" sheets), EVA,little bit of Worbla, 3/4 Neodynium magnets
I consider these props 80% complete. I was painting the day before AnimeExpo 2015. Shield and sword finish work and scroll detail was not not NOT even close to complete. I'll post the WIP photos in a separate post.
DSCN5069.JPG This photo should be 90degrees clockwise. Magnets in shield and sword hold the two together.
DSCN5070.jpg Sword 'locked in' to shield. Left side of handles was elastic, right side was a nylon strap. Superglued into Sintra of shield.
DSCN5071.jpg A closer up of the back of the shield. Felt over the magnets (Bondo'd into shield) to reduce the on/off wear and tear on the sword.
DSCN5073.JPG Front of shield. EVA base, with 1/8th inch Sintra layers. Laurels are 1/8th inch Sintra too, the top scroll work is heavy card stock. As you can see it lacks a significant amount of detail. Ran out of time.
DSCN5074.JPG NOT Asgardian scrollwork. Homage to my daughter's school. LSU at the bottom. Fluer di li at the top.
DSCN5075.JPG Detail of the straps.
IMG_0291.JPG At one of the AX sets (and why does it rotate the photo sideways???)
IMG_4948.JPG Loki fears the SIF!
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