Lady Maverick from Assassins Creed 3


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This is my finished Lady Maverick cosplay from Assassins Creed 3. It was a taken at Sakura Con 2013 - it was a beautiful day, and so much fun hanging out with other AC3 Cosplayers. this gather was also captured by AC's Community manager who then shared the album on these AC official site. you will need a facbook account to see this, I think. ( )

It's my first time making a full on boned corset, and as most things in life, I jumped in head first with some pretty advance paneling. I can see the places that needed more improvements, but I am very happy with the outcome. :) I picked this outfit because I feel that is challenges my pattern and design skills, and I will be able to finish it on time for Sakura Con.

Cosplay made and model by me ( )
Photo By Bill Hinsee (

Ezio is cosplayed by Aaron Thompson
Juno is cosplayed by Megan Ann

20130330__0080 (Low).jpg 20130330__0101 (Low).jpg 20130330__0120 (Low).jpg 20130330__0126 (Low).jpg 20130330__0124 (Low).jpg Seattle Cosplay Lady Maverick straddles Ezio AC3 Cosplay.jpg 20130330__0062 (Low).jpg
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