Lady Marions fancy belt - Ridely Scott 'Robin Hood' (2010)


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Looking for references of lady Marions fancy belt she wears together with her blue dress. It was really hard to find anything of the costumes at all, so my only sorce has been my blu-ray disc :p These are the best photos I got of it.

The info I know of right now:
+ It's linked in several different sized pieces.
+ Looks like 2-3 long pieces hangs in the back from it and one long.
+ In the front there is a cross linking the long pieces that hangs down to the rest fo the belt.

Information I don't know:
+ Is it leather with metal/silver details?
+ Is there a better image of the decorations in metal and printed/painted on the belt?
+ How many pieces is it made out of and how does it look in the back?

I'm also very happy for some historical references too of similar belts.

DSC01738(1).jpg IMG_1224.JPG DSC01735.JPG IMG_1221.JPG




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It's a little difficult to tell from the pictures but the belt is most likely embroidered and could either be mounted on heavy cloth/canvas type material or cloth overlaid on leather. Both types were worn during this time period. The number of panels depends on the length of the belt needed and each panel and it's metal fittings but usually 5 or 6. They should repeat all the way around. I didn't see the metal fittings on this site,, but I'm sure he could make them if they aren't in his normal stock if you could find good a picture. I'd have to check all my old links to see if there's anyone else making these particular fittings.
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