Lady K's new sig!

Lady Kaizer

New Member
I wouldn't go hanging it up on the wall in an art gallery or anything, but I was bored and it is nicer to look at than a big grey blank spot.

Lady Kaizer

New Member
I just googled 'female Predator' pics, opened up Photoshop CS and did some tweaking so the two images fit together. Then I slapped on some text, gave it some style and a little color. Nothing fancy, just nice and simple. If that's a style you don't mind, I could make a banner for you - just send me an email with the images you want me to use.


New Member
how do you make the sig's....i want one..?

Some users will also make you a sig if you give them a general idea & images of what you want in it. The guy who did my sig - SpankyGNARKILL might be open to doing one if you asked very nicely. Just remember, the people that do this volunteer, so for all new preds out there, don't feel like your owed one, they are gifts!
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