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Lady Gaga Mermaid Tail


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Hi all, not sure where to put this but i think here is the best place.

Just wanted to share a project I recently worked on whilst working at Millennium FX.

We made a full Silicone Mermaid tail for Lady Gaga's video "you and I".

Myself and Sharna Rothwell sculpted the tail body and I did the tail spines and an unseen dorsal fin. I also sculpted all the gill and blender prosthetics and painted the cyborg peices she wore. The incredibly talented Rob Mayor (MD of Millennium FX) flew out to Nebraska to apply the pieces for the shoot.
We were on an incredibley short deadline (8 days) and everyone was really chuffed with the end result!

I have loaded some pics on my website.

RMFX - TV and Film

all best


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Very awesome work!! The tail, tedious scaling and intricate gill detail under the flaps are top notch. I didn't realize it was you, until I saw the Zod bust. :D
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