Lady Gaga Meat Dress Ideas?


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I'm new to this forum but have always been fascinated by costumes and special effects (my personal crowning glory was a Mystique costume with scales, liquid latex etc), and I'm looking for some suggestions from like-minded enthusiasts.

I want to make a replica of Lady Gaga's Meat Dress. Try saying that outloud in a costume shop filled with slutty Tinkerbell outfits! I'm thinking liquid latex, 'blood' inside plastic, etc. If anyone has any ideas, I will consider them all!
Cheers in advance!
I would say latex or fabric dipped in latex and then painted to look like meat would be the way to go. My thoughts would be to cut fabric in the pattern of the dress and then dip the various pieces in latex and hang to dry in the same direction that they will hang off your body. Then paint them using a latex compatable paint. Then combine them... judging by the dress, you probably wouldn't even need to sew them. Just glue them together.
Craftfoam would IMO be better than fabric since it´ll keep the form much better than fabric. Other than that what DG said.
Just a thought, but wouldn't thin 'memory' foam have a really cool, squishy quality? You might could use an electric knife to slice a mattress topper to your meat thickness.
i would say def def def get foam. foam friendly paint and go to town on your own designs. cut the foam to meat your meat style, paint it, glue it if you want a hat or corset. and then get twine and tie it up around you and it will look awesome. for the full effect, get some bad scent spray and spray it around the meat lolol. that would be a killer costume!
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