Ladies and Gents from the RPF... I proudly present... WONDER WOMAN!


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Sometimes it´s great, isn´t it? The right project at the right time. After making Doom for Adam Jay, we were thinking what to do next, and I always felt that this design was LONG overdue to have a costume made in its image -

Whilst I have seen an attempt, I always thought that that fell a bit short of what this suit really could be, and therefore I decided to tackle this challenge.

Here is the result -

And that moment of realization.... "what the heck am I doing here dressed up like that"?

In some days, Adam Jay will make a REALLY well-done photoshoot with it, but since my friend was so kind as to help me out during the making of this suit, I thought it would be nice to showcase her a bit wearing it as well :)

My sincerest thanks to my friend, Walkiria Eyre, a great friend of mine, dance teacher and practicioner from Brasília, Brasil :) One of the best in her own milieu.

Questions, comments are welcome :)

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Such an AWESOME outfit ! I am so HONORED to be able to work with you and bring all your outfits to LIFE with my photography !


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Couldn't agree more with all of the posts so far. REALLY fantastic work, and an amazing realization of a great concept! Awesome work!!!! I am personally a huge fan of the more muted colors, and the "real world" approach to this particular interpretation of the character. The craftsmanship also looks absolutely top notch, along with your materials selection.

Really an amazing piece of work.


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I am with Matt on this. I love the more gladiatorial/Roman military look with the leather skirt and Legion ankle gauntlets. Very cool.



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Very awesome! The design coupled with the model has a very kingdom come feel to it! I would have loved to have seen a WIP thread to learn how you made this build.


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I was never really a fan of Wonder Woman costumes...until this exact moment.

It really is a fantastic execution of a great design. Great job. to convince the girlfriend to let me make this costume for her. :lol



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Well, Nick... if she never allows you to do it, ask her if I can make her one here and ship it over :) I would gladly make a second one (or a third or a fourth....)